Linda Hanson and Nora Mann

We are writing to enthusiastically endorse the election of Greg Christiana as town moderator in the election on Saturday, April 2.

Town Meeting is democracy in action at its most fundamental level: Elected representatives from 21 precincts gathering annually to discuss and debate the business of the town. Town Meeting members vote on changes to town bylaws, pass resolutions and approve the town’s budget.

The town moderator’s role is to facilitate these important discussions and ensure open debate on all matters before Town Meeting. The town moderator chairs every session of Town Meeting and makes appointments to many town committees that shape policy, including the Human Rights Commission, the Finance Committee and Envision Arlington. We know that Greg will handle these important responsibilities with great thoughtfulness and skill.

Greg is running for town moderator because he values fair debate that reflects the diverse viewpoints of all of our town’s residents. As moderator, Greg will run Town Meeting in a transparent and inclusive fashion, working to ensure that everyone feels welcome.

Greg has served as a Town Meeting member since 2016, and his focus on strengthening civic participation in town has been unwavering. He has been a leader in the effort to encourage and support regular precinct meetings throughout town to enable residents the chance to discuss warrant articles with their meeting members before Town Meeting, and he has worked to make it easier for voters to learn about town meeting candidates.

Greg cares deeply about making sure everyone understands how to be involved in our democracy. Greg is the cochair of the Envision Arlington (formerly Vision 2020) Standing Committee, and this year launched the Civic Engagement Group, whose mission is for Arlington to be guided by the voices and preferences of the people of Arlington, with all the dimensions of our diversity well represented.

Democracy starts at home. We need a town moderator who is committed to the ideals of transparency, respect and inclusion. Please join us in voting for Greg Christiana for town moderator on April 2.