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Arlington has an election this Saturday, April 2, and turnout is small for town elections. Every vote matters! I’m voting for Greg Christiana for Town Moderator and wanted to tell you why. 

The Town Moderator runs Town Meeting and makes appointments to important town committees that shape policy. This spring, Town Meeting will vote on zoning, sustainability, voting rights, transportation, and budgets for our schools and town. These votes will have long-term effects on our lives and our town.

Greg’s priorities and plans focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere for all Town Meeting Members regardless of tenure or background, creating transparency about who speaks and in what order, and making prompt and well-publicized appointments to committees. He has demonstrated the necessary leadership and collaborative approach throughout his volunteer work for Arlington already. 

If you have any questions about how Greg would implement his priorities, please check out Greg's website or ask me! You can learn more at, including lots of detail at

I hope you will join me at the polls on April 2 to vote for Greg Christiana. Polls are open from 8am-8pm. Some polling locations have changed. If you aren’t sure where yours is, check


p.s. Elections for Town Meeting Members are also part of Saturday’s ballot. You can read statements from Town Meeting candidates at (Greg was part of the team that revived and reimagined this way for voters to learn about candidates!)