Diane Mahon, Select Board

I’m voting for Greg Christiana for town moderator on April 2, and I encourage you to do the same. In my work with Greg, I’ve always found him to be calm, fair-minded, and encouraging. He has the right temperament for the work of moderating.

When Greg approaches a problem or project, he does careful research, requests and considers input, and maps a path for moving forward. I’ve been a Town Meeting member since 1995, and it’s clear to me that there is much to celebrate about Town Meeting, and there is also room for improvement. Our virtual Town Meeting season showed us new possibilities and challenges for Town Meeting that we need to take seriously.

I like Greg’s vision for Town Meeting and his eye toward the future. I believe Greg will encourage all members to speak when they want to, but will also find efficiencies so members’ time will be used wisely. His way of approaching problems, along with his strong technology background, will serve Town Meeting and Arlington well as we find new ways to meet and govern.