Alex Bagnall

I am writing to express my enthusiastic endorsement of Greg Christiana for the position of town moderator.

I have come to know Greg over the past few years through our work together on the Envision Arlington Standing Committee and the Civic Engagement Group. In that time I have been impressed with Greg’s dedication to the town, drive to engage a greater cross section of the town in our processes, willingness to listen and understand different points of view and ability to have sometimes difficult conversations respectfully.

In the Civic Engagement Group, Greg has created an informal, low barrier to entry venue for residents both new and long-time to discuss civic engagement in town with a focus on how we can work together to find ways to make our sometimes confusing form of town government accessible to a more diverse swath of residents. There are no magic bullets for increasing diversity in our town meetings, board and committees. It is going to take continual work, reflection, and analysis of our structures, policies and customs to make progress toward those goals. I believe Greg is extremely well suited in both temperament and professional expertise to make that work an ongoing priority and to bring new voices into the process.

Please join me in voting for Greg Christiana on April 2.