Len Diggins, Select Board

Here are three words that I’ll use to make my case for Greg: Supportive, Resourceful and Rigorous.

Supportive: That’s the first word that comes mind. As an eager Town Meeting member, when I wanted to make another attempt at getting all of the precincts to hold precinct meetings, Greg, as a member of the Envision Arlington Standing Committee and keenly interested in civic engagement himself, was so supportive of the goal that I considered him an equal partner in the endeavor. To the extent that the initial effort of promoting precinct meetings was successful, it was because I was able to get abundant helpful advice and positive motivation from Greg. Even as I first started working with him, he has always been generous with his time and open to working with anyone.

Resourceful: Though gentle and at times unassuming, I quickly realized Greg’s resourcefulness. He’s an encyclopedia of useful knowledge, and what he doesn’t know, he can learn quickly. I was already impressed by Greg’s resourcefulness before this campaign for town moderator, and now that is even more so the case as some of us shift among the various roles as needed. Greg has a “can-do” attitude, and that applies to the ideas of others as well as his own. If you bring an idea to Greg, you can see his eyes light up with curiosity, and then his gaze gets more focused as he brings his knowledge and experiences to bear on transforming the idea into a reality.

Rigorous: Greg strives for excellence! Yes, perfection may be the goal, but he is pragmatic, and he realizes that attaining perfection often requires time and multiple iterations. Greg is also meticulous (while also keeping the big picture in mind) and highly organized. Following procedures and putting tracking systems in place come easily and naturally to Greg.

When you work with Greg, you want to elevate your game, and you will become better in your chosen role. That’s partly because you want to keep up with him, but it’s also due to his nurturing spirit and mentor-like behavior. The prospect of Greg as our town moderator makes me very excited and hopeful! With him as our town moderator, our town will be better, and we will all be prouder of our beloved form of government known as Town Meeting.