My Public Service and Leadership Experience

My volunteer and leadership efforts have demonstrated a collaborative approach and a commitment to strengthening the connections between residents and our town government. My experience includes:

  • Elected Town Meeting Member in Precinct 15 since 2016
  • Co-Chair of Envision Arlington Standing Committee (formerly Vision 2020)
  • Founded the Civic Engagement Group within Envision Arlington, serving as inaugural chair
  • Engaged Town Meeting Members town-wide to organize and plan precinct meetings for residents to meet with their elected officials
  • Contributed technical expertise from my work as a software engineer to the effort to revive and publicize Town Meeting Member Candidate Statements so voters can be better informed about the candidates in their precincts
  • As a parent of two children in the Arlington Public Schools, served on the steering committee of the School Enrollment Parent Group and started the Bishop Enrollment Group
  • Leadership Team for Build Arlington’s Future campaigns to secure school and town funding in 2016 and 2019